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Tuesday, August 19th 2014

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Multicultural Week Celebrations at Marcellin

Multicultural Week Celebrations at Marcellin

Buongiorno… Ni Hao… Shalom... to all!
Last week, the annual Multicultural Week has lived up to its expectations and more! With an array of food games and activities from across the world, this year has surely been the best and most exciting yet! From Italian Bocce to a traditional dance by our visiting Japanese exchange students, Newman students and staff were given lots of opportunities to be involved and experience different cultures throughout the week.

The Year 12s appreciated and looked forward to beating some of the staff members in the competitive and very messy pasta-chopstick eating competition, a novel fusion of two cultures. Spreads of delicious delicacies from across the world were enjoyed by all from our very own canteen such as tasty Italian pizzas and Mexican enchiladas.

Special thanks to all Language staff who have put so much effort into making this year’s Multicultural Week so entertaining and a welcomed change to our school routine. We wish future students all the best in their plans to top this years' celebrations in the years to come!
Simi Hammond, Ava McEwan and Alicia Britton, Year 12

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