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Tuesday, September 13th 2016

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Maths Week

The College is celebrating Maths Week (Monday 12 - Friday 16 September). This week is about inspiring students through open, beautiful and creative Maths.

Throughout the week on the Marcellin Campus there will be a number of different tasks on offer so that students see Maths as a broad, interesting and visual subject that involves deep thinking. These activities include:

1. Daily PCG Quiz - get involved with your PCG to solve the puzzles - There will be a PCG winner from each year level.

2. Weekly Quiz - hand in by Friday Lunch. Winners from each year level.

3. Daily Lunchtime Activities – as below







Scitech presents STEM future jobs



Wrapper Rip

How long can you rip a mintie wrapper.

Newman Record 135cm!

Outside Chapel


Speedy Suduko

How fast can you do Sudoku?

Can you do the tough Sudoku?

Outside Chapel


Snake Charmers

How far can you stretch the snake?

Newman Record 90cm

Outside Chapel


Regurgitating Pi

How many decimal places of Pi can you recite?

Newman Record is 206 dp Current title holder

Ethan Persse with 114 decimal places

Outside Chapel

In Kindy, students are reading Jack and the Beanstalk and will partake in a number of Maths activities including:

- The Giant will have come to visit and leave his footprints on the verandah - the children will count and measure his footprints with unifix cubes.
- Students will measure 'beanstalks' and plants outside in the garden.
- In their cooking class on a Friday, students will make cookies for Jack where they have to measure the ingredients.

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