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Wednesday, May 6th 2015

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Maths Have Sum Fun Competition

Maths Have Sum Fun Competition

At the end of last term Newman had 5 teams participate in the annual Mathematics Have Sum Fun Competitions. These were held on Friday nights so it was great to see the willingness from a large number of students to nominate to be in the teams. I would like to thank and congratulate the following students below for their commitment and enthusiastic performance on the night. Although we did not place in the top three, all teams competed with great spirit.

Yr 7

Yr 8

Yr 9

Yr 10

Yr 11/12

Tiggy Connelly

Patrick Diamond

Michail Muller

Peter Loreck

Michael Joseph

Marc Papalia

Alisha Kelly

Joey Kavenagh

Jenna Hogan

Melissa Pusic

Tatenda Makova

Amerigo Murolo

Luke Knight

Clare Metcalf

Elizabeth Loreck

Daniel Pereira

Jacob Arto

Jacinta Pavisich

Dan Hutchinson

Jenna Muller

Meg Hobson

Anne Johnston

Kascia Pavisich

Jack McGuire

Helena Karagiannis

Rose Troon

Michael Drown

Celeste Travaglini

Bernie Roberts, Head of Mathmatics

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