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Friday, June 30th 2017

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Magis Carnival Highlights

Thursday 22 June was a very unique day in which myself, Genevieve Kan and Louisa Beattie were granted the opportunity to participate in the annual Magis Carnival, held at John XXIII College. It was a very special occasion whereby we were put into small groups alongside members from other Catholic schools in Perth, to discuss key philosophical ideas relating to the ever-changing world. The small groups were a chance to meet like-minded people and share our perspectives on relevant issues in todays society, for example, the role of the law in ensuring fundamental rights for both biological and a-biological entities.

Following the small group discussions, all students gathered to discuss a major concept, whether any form of realism is presented in society’s media, or more simply, "how realism and truth are defined and whether they actually exist". The evening encouraged my friends and I to open our minds to many philosophical ideas deeply tied to the modern and futuristic society, and it was an opportunity we are all so very thankful to have been offered.

Olivia Sbrocco, Year 12 Student

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