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Friday, November 11th 2016

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Language Activity Days Highlights

Italian Activity Day
On Friday 4 November, the two Year 9 Italian classes went to Floreat Parish Centre for an Italian Activity Day with Italian Teachers Miss Demma, Ms Sampson and Mrs Malù. We started the day with an Italian Yoga class which was very relaxing. Later, both classes were split into groups of four and then answered a quiz about Italy including famous Italian brands, soccer players, and other cultural facts.

While groups answered the quiz, one group at a time would go into the kitchen with Mrs Malù and learn how to make fresh pasta - tagliatelle.

During the day we played games such as Italian Pictionary, writing Italian sentences on the whiteboard the fastest, and Charades. For lunch, we had antipasto and the fresh tagliatelle that we made earlier- Yum!

After lunch we played more fun games such as musical chairs, and with 30 people playing, it took a very long time! We also played celebrity heads in Italian and finished off the day with a reflection and thought about what we found the most fun (almost all of us agreed it was the food).

Overall, I thought it was a fun experience, I learned a lot of Italian and cultural facts about Italy while playing. Thanks to all the teacher for such a great day!

Kyle Peou, Year 9 Italian Student

Japanese Activity Day

On Thursday 3 November, the Year 9 Japanese students had a Language & Culture Day in our very new Marist Auditorium.

We started the day by doing some morning stretches just like Japanese students do in Japan. We then played fruit basket and musical chairs, using our Japanese vocabulary to communicate. The games were fun and went well and were played with great enthusiasm. We had some students fighting for chairs in their desperation to stay in the game and win. We also played a game where we had to move as many m’& m’s from one plate to another with chopsticks as we could in one minute. I found it quite difficult but some others were moving those m’& m’s like pros.

After a short morning tea break, we had a professional Japanese calligrapher come and teach us some calligraphy, which is a traditional art form in Japan. We wrote kanji characters such as dragon, harmony and flower using a special brush and ink. We made matcha (green tea) and white chocolate muffins and ichigo daifuku (strawberry and red bean paste mochi), although the mochi didn’t work as planned and we had to throw it out. We ate delicious sushi for lunch and listened to popular Japanese music.

Before the day ended, we had a fashion show applying the target language that we studied this term in class. Overall, I think everyone had a fantastic day, interesting and full of fun.

Rose Troon, Year 10 Japanese student

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