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Tuesday, September 8th 2015

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Lachlan Poor debuts with the Newman Crusaders

Lachlan Poor debuts with the Newman Crusaders

We have recently received an update from Lachlan Poor's family as to how he has settled into life over in the US. For those who are unaware, Lachlan has moved to the US on a Quarterback Scholarship.

Two weeks ago Lachlan played his first game against Pope John Paul 2 School. He played really well, and chased down an opposition player to save a touch down.
His summer training was four times a week and his pre season sessions went from 9.0am until 6.00pm.
He plays Santaluces High school this Friday, and has the big homecoming game on September 24 against Glades Day High School. Homecoming is the biggest event of the year at the school, and it all revolves around the football game.
He plays with a full school band on the sidelines, as well as the school cheer team who are state award winners. There is always a large crowd at the game, as well as all the local media (TV, Radio and print).
Over Summer Lachlan learnt some Spanish, tried Latin dancing with his Cuban friends and travelled a bit around Florida in his friend's family RV. He has volunteered with The Blind Golf Program and helped people with limited sight to play golf.
He misses his family and friends terribly, but the experience has been amazing.
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