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Monday, November 16th 2015

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Just Leadership Day

Just Leadership Day

Last week Olivia Sbrocco, Julia Diamond, Jenna Hogan and I represented Newman College at the Just Leadership Day at John XXIII College, where we got to learn more about Caritas Australia.
The presentation started with a prayer reflection, and we were ‘introduced’ to next year’s faces of Caritas. We then went on to learn about effective and noneffective help for struggling countries, and were informed on some statistics of poverty around the world.
“Learning all the different facts about how bad poverty is around the world, was very eye opening. It was inspiring, as it helped as a drive of wanting to take action and do more to help,”Julia said.
At the end of the presentation we were given a chance to brainstorm our own ideas for fundraising and raising awareness within our schools. Our ideas included a walkathon and finding a way to continue the Caritas Fast next year when Mrs Lindsay, the supervising teacher, will be on long service leave.
Jenna summed up the day when she said “This opportunity has been amazing . We have been inspired to plan our own fundraisers to help Caritas continue their good work for people all over the world.”
Clare Metcalf, Year 10 Student

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