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Wednesday, November 19th 2014

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Newspaper article from Josh Richards’ ‘Meet a Martian’ Incursion

Newspaper article from Josh Richards’ ‘Meet a Martian’ Incursion

On Monday the 3rd of November, over 100 students and staff were graced with the presence of Josh Richards, a former soldier, who has studied applied physics, psychology and has been a stand-up comedian for a number of years. He came to speak to a number of students from the College about being short-listed for the Mars One expedition.

Josh spoke with great poise, humour, enthusiasm and intelligence on his decision to leave his family, friends and planet behind him, to journey and live on Mars for the rest of his life. He is one of 200 000 candidates who applied to be involved in Mars One.
Now, being one of less than 700, Josh will undergo further tests and training to determine whether he can be one of the lucky 24 selected in early 2015.
After speaking for half an hour or so, the long awaited question time began. There were questions on all aspects of the Mars One mission and his own personal reasons for leaving the Earth behind, however some notable questions were:
  • “Would guns work on Mars?” (Apparently not)
  • “How has your family coped?” (My mum was nervous at first but she has become my biggest fan and my Dad is the opposite!)
  • “Would you want to come back to Earth, given the opportunity?” (No, because it’s Mars!”

Overall, it was an extremely interesting and engaging presentation that we were very lucky to experience. On behalf of all students and teachers of Newman College, we would like to wish Josh all the best of luck on fulfilling almost the whole of humanity’s dream in leaving their planet behind them, to go and live amongst the stars and planets.

Stephen Loreck – Year 7
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