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Sunday, February 2nd 2014

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Important Details for Week 1, From the Head of Primary

Important Details for Week 1, From the Head of Primary

Dear Parents, there are some very important details for the start of the 2014 school year to which I wish to draw your attention:

Parents are reminded that as the new year commences, it is important to revisit the procedures for courteous use of the drive thru and carpark at the Lavalla Campus. The Procedures are as follows:

Drive Thru

  • The left hand lane is for drop off and pick up only. This means no parking and/or leaving the car, merely drop off and pick up.
  • On the pick up, if your child is not at the pick up point move out of the lane and park – this will ensure all parents have the opportunity to use the system and so not obstruct the inward bound road.

All students are reminded of the correct procedure and new students were introduced to the system on the first day of school.

Park and Collect

  • Parents are able to choose to park and wait for children to come to the car, using the crosswalk system. Please do not beckon children across the road where there is no cross walk – it is endangering your child.
  • Parents have the choice to park and come to the wait area near the shade shelter to collect children then return to the car. If choosing this option, do not wait in front of the shade shelter as the children cannot see when their parent arrives. Stand to either side.
  • If parents choose to wait, please keep close supervision of younger siblings, as it is important they are kept safe too. The teacher on duty is for the safety of the students at the campus.

During this week students will be bringing home:

• Movie Night Flyer
• Medic Alert form
• Parent Representative Consent Form
• Canteen Menu, PP – Year 6 only
• iPad Parent Contract, Years 3-5 only

Please ensure any forms requiring completion are returned at the earliest opportunity.


• PE and Sports Information for children in Years 3-6 has been emailed on Monday 3 February.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Jocelyn Hansen, HEAD OF PRIMARY

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