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Friday, August 7th 2015

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Guild Athletics Carnival Results 2015

Congratulations to Thomas More Guild for winning the 12th Guild Athletics Championship Trophy at the State Athletics Stadium on 28 July. Despite the cold and unrelentingly wet conditions, the students and staff were stoic and determined to both succeed and have a good time with their friends. In fact, it was this amazing spirit among all that led to the unprecedented decision to award the Guild Spirit Trophy to all the Guilds.

A special thanks to Mrs Rolanda Geneff for her help in assisting with the field events throughout the day. Her efforts were most appreciated as were those of the PE staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to set up and run the event, staff who worked as officials, the student helpers, the Guild Coordinators and student leaders.

Final Results:

1. Thomas More
2. Brigid
3. Camara
4. Mackillop
5. Chisholm
6. Marcellin
7. Romero
8. Catherine

Record Breaking performances:

Ben Chamberlain (Y12):

  • 1500m in 4:15.07min (24 year old record – 4:31.30min in 1991)
  • 800m in 2:10.52min (31 year old record – 2:11.00min in 1984)

Brianne Wilson (Y10):

  • Javelin 28.30m (28 year old record – 27.42m in 1987)

Holli Johnson (Y7):

  • 1500m in 5:37.97 (old record – 5:50.08min in 2011)

Joel Western (Y7):

  • Long Jump 4.35m (old record – 4.28m in 2014)

Mikayla Western (Y11):

  • Long Jump 5.00m (old record – 4.08m in 2014)
  • 200m in 29.04sec (old record – 30.57sec in 2013)

Bailey Pemberton (Y11):

  • Long Jump 5.37m (old record – 5.33m in 2014)

Age Champions (based on their best 5 events):

Year 7 Girls
1st Tahlia Harvie
2nd Holli Johnson
3rd Charlotte Vozzo

Year 7 Boys
1st Joel Western
2nd Thomas Ariti
3rd Jake Dwyer

Year 8 Girls
1st Isabel Judd
2nd Anthea Todman
3rd Kyla Geneff

Year 8 Boys
1st Austin Aves
2nd Aaron Davis
3rd Connor Faraone

Year 9 Girls
1st Sarah Byrnes
2nd Abbie Watkins
3rd Samantha Ashby

Year 9 Boys
1st Jake Benetti
2nd Jesse Keating
3rd Michail Muller

Year 10 Girls
1st Eva Keating
2nd Tayah Geneff
3rd Sara Riou

Year 10 Boys
1st Connor McGarry
2nd Jason Goodson
3rd Tainui Kohi

Year 11 Girls
1st Emily-Rose Wallace
2nd Nina Sergeev
3rd Asha Smetherham

Year 11 Boys
1st Brendan Wain
2nd Daniel Litjens
3rd James Paynter

Year 12 Girls
1st Olivia Pesce
2nd Anne Tria
3rd Gabrielle Dal Busco

Year 12 Boys
1st Ben Chamberlain
2nd Mason Bogunovich
3rd Joshua Seymour

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