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Tuesday, May 13th 2014

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Gifted and Talented at Scitech Challenge Year 8

Gifted and Talented at Scitech Challenge Year 8

Year 8 Thinking in 3D Excursion - Scitech Brainstorm Challenge Day:

On Friday 9 May, the Year 8 Thinking in 3D class took part in an excursion to Scitech for the Brainstorm Challenge Day, a competition between teams from a number of Catholic schools. The competition took up the entire day and was comprised of several events that were designed to challenge the teams. The teams were marked on their outcome and the top three were given prizes.

Some of these challenges included the Outreach Challenge, a challenge that required us to program a Lego Mind-Storm robot to do specific commands given to us by our instructors. We were given a brief introduction on how to use the robots, then we were left to our own devices to do the best we could.

There was also the Tastebud Challenge, which was a task based on a story from one of Aesop’s Fables, The Crow and the Pitcher. The challenge was to obtain objects such as foam balls, a pop stick, a marble and a float from a tall, narrow, beaker filled with water - without spilling any water. We were give items to use, such as string, rocks and magnets, but if we were to use them we would lose points. Overall this challenged proved to be especially difficult but mentally stimulating.

There were more challenges, such as the CSIRO Lab challenge, which required teams to use environmental clues to solve a crime, and, finally, the Planetarium challenge, where teams watched a video at the Planetarium called ‘We are Aliens’ then answered questions on the topic.

Overall, we had a great day with the first place from the competition going to a group from Sacred Heart, and second place going to “The Newman Beings”, consisting of Michail Muller, Rebecca Ricciardo, Joliette Booth and myself. It was a fun, challenging, competitive day with lots to do and enough free-time for us to enjoy Scitech’s many facilities. We all enjoyed ourselves and learnt a great deal of valuable information in the process. Special thanks to Mrs Wills and Mr Richards for their organisation of the day.

Jai Taylor – Year 8 Student

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