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Monday, July 11th 2016

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Future Proof: Coding is the next layer of Literacy

The advances in technology is a major issue Australians face in the future of work. There are startling and credible predictions that more than five million Australian jobs will simply disappear in the next 15 years, as a result of technology. That's 40% of the jobs that exist in Australia today.
But the greater fear is that we're not preparing our kids for work in this technological age. Schools and universities are churning out students with qualifications for jobs that won't exist, instead of training them for the ones that will be created.
To prepare our young people in this new modern age world, innovative teaching methods and an emphasis on the so-called STEM skills, maths and science needs to be implemented into our curriculum.
Click here to view an informative report on Four Corners by Geoff Thompson and presented by Sarah Ferguson, which aired on the ABC on Monday 4 July 2016.

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