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Thursday, May 15th 2014

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From the Head of Primary - Week 3

From the Head of Primary - Week 3


Carpark and Safety

Parents are urged to be very careful in both primary carparks. There has been an alarming number of reports of near misses of children when the cars are moving too fast or without looking carefully. Parents are reminded to park in marked car bays only. No cars should be parked in the drop-off/pick-up lanes for more than 2-3 minutes whilst dropping off or picking up. Parents cannot leave the vehicle whilst in this lane.
Please be mindful of the church carpark at the Marian Campus. With so many small children it is important to check before you go, as they are still learning about road safety. Parents are also asked to hold their child’s hand when crossing the road or carpark as an added safety measure. Also, as an attempt to try to keep the drive through moving, parents are asked to put a large sign on the dashboard with your child’s name on it, so the duty teacher can see who is coming, as they do not always know the car belonging to the family. It will assist in moving the line through quicker.
Also, you are urged to be very mindful when using the crosswalk at the Lavalla Campus. It is very important that both pedestrian and driver check to see if it is safe to proceed.
Our children are our greatest asset and it is the responsibility of the whole community to ensure their safety on their arrival and departure from school.

Uniform Items
Parents are asked to regularly check their children’s uniform items to ensure they belong to your child. It is not uncommon for students to misplace hats, jumpers etc whilst playing. If your child has picked up the wrong item, please return it to the campus so the rightful owner can have the item returned. It is very important that your child’s clothing is clearly and permanently marked to avoid the loss and subsequent repurchase, which is expensive.

PRIMARY - Years 3 to 6

Annual Photos - 19 May 2014
The annual school photos will be taken on next Monday. The order envelopes went home last Monday. Parents are asked to complete the envelopes and return to the class teacher as soon as possible. Please note all students must present their order envelope to the photographer on Photo Day, even if they are not ordering.

Students are required to be in full winter uniform. The blazer must be worn by all students in Years 4, 5 and 6. It is important the students have polished shoes, the correct hair ties and the hair is neat and clean. The old summer check dresses are not a uniform item and should not be worn.

EARLY CHILDHOOD - Pre Kindy to Year 2

Year 2 Parent Curriculum Workshop
On Tuesday a number of Year 2 parents enjoyed an information session on how the Spelling Program works and how they can support their children at home as they develop their spelling strategies and rules. It was very well received by the parents and well presented by the teaching staff (see photo below).

Jocelyn Hansen , Head of Primary

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