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Friday, August 29th 2014

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From the Head of Primary - Week 6

From the Head of Primary - Week 6

This week is Literacy and Numeracy Week. The students have been having fun with their Maths learning doing lots of interesting and fun lessons. Hands on Maths and using real life situations and problems makes Mathematics real and understandable for children. The reason for learning Maths is so the concepts learnt can be applied to actual life situations.

Tuesday 26 August to celebrate Book Week, all students attended a performance in the library which was presented by Koob the Story Keeper. The children discovered new and exciting stories, through the use of puppets, costumes and characterization. The children were able to interact with the stories as there was lots of opportunity for audience participation, as the stories come to life in the hands of this excellent storyteller. The show was designed to promote books, reading, libraries and using the imagination.

This week and last, the Girl Power group came to present at Newman College to Year 3 – 6 girls and their mothers. It was an excellent program helping girls understand friendships and how to apply friendship skills and strategies. It was thoroughly valued and enjoyed by all those who attended. If you were not able to attend, go to the Girl Power website to view their other courses available to the community. It is well worth it. Thank You to Caryl Gioia for organising these evenings.

The Constable Care team visited Marian Campus this week to talk to the children about protective behaviours. The medium of puppets is used as an engaging way to teach the children about safe behaviours and the importance of talking to mum and dad or another significant adult when they are worried about things.

This week the students and families enjoyed the wonderful work of the outstanding Art work from Primary Schools in the IPSHA group, which includes Newman College. A special thank you to Ms Sarah Spencer and Annette Pichler for all the hard work they did in preparation for the event. Please click here for the photos.

Thank you to those who have already brought in their Lapathon money. Students are asked to collect their Sponsor Money and bring it in to their Campus Office by Friday 29 August. Thank you for your support of our major Mission Fundraiser for the Marist Missions.

Jocelyn Hansen, Head of Primary

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