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Tuesday, April 1st 2014

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Fast for Caritas

Fast for Caritas

The annual Fast for Caritas took place on Thursday 27 March, with over 200 students participating to raise money for this year's Project Compassion.

Some students chose to start the day by sharing breakfast with their friends in the courtyard, while others had a wholesome start to the day, at home. The students were given a sugar hit of barley sugar or lollies at recess and at lunchtime they were given one third of a cup of rice. The rice was not meant as lunch, but rather as a reminder to the students that we were standing in solidarity with the millions of people, for whom this may be the staple diet.

We must thank the students and staff who participated, the staff who supervised the students throughout the day and others who made cupcakes as a treat for the participants at the conclusion of the fast. We must also thank former staff member, Ms Lan Ho, who donated and cooked all the rice for the 200+ participants.

Finally, a hugh thank you to parents for their encouragement and support of the students who participated. The total amount raised will follow.

Jenny Lindsay, Social Justice Group Mentor

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