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Tuesday, February 25th 2014

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The Joy of Being Read To - Yr 11s with Yr 3s and Pre Primaries

The Joy of Being Read To - Yr 11s with Yr 3s and Pre Primaries

Last Monday, the Year 11 Stage 1 English students went to either Lavalla or Marian Campus to read story books to younger children. The Year 11 students had spent time in class choosing suitable books and practicing reading them to the appropriate age group as an assessment task. The opportunity to interact with younger members of the College Community is valuable to both groups and was thoroughly enjoyed by all students. Ms Eaton’s Pre Primary Blue class warmly welcomed the ‘big boys’ from Ms Sharrett’s class and loved hearing the stories they had chosen. The Year 11 boys were friendly and engaging and read their stories enthusiastically.
Ms Del Sharrett, English Teacher

Year 11 English students demonstrated amazing "reading aloud techniques" as they spent time with new buddies in a serene setting on the Lavalla Campus. For some, reading can be a reluctant classroom activity, but change the setting and audience and watch it escalate to a positive experience. The Year 3 students loved having their big senior students read to them, the photos capture a successful session shared by all.
A fun way to advertise and promote reading!
Libby Muddle, Learning Support Teacher

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