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Tuesday, September 29th 2015

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Education Support Centre Camp

During Week 9, the ESC students ventured to Woodman Point for a three-day camp. Wednesday began with a very excited group of students chattering to each other about the things they would be doing over the next 3 days and sleeping wasn’t one of them!
Wednesday was spent exploring the campsite, eating, walking the beach, eating, playing in the park, eating, followed by a movie and guess what, more eating! Very little sleeping happened (for the staff that is) and come Thursday the students were ready and rearing to go bright and early beginning with, you guessed it, pancakes!
After a historical tour of the grounds, the students participated in team building games, kite making, kite flying and chilling at the beach where some of the students were brave enough to take a dip. Thanks to our resident lifeguard, Craig Simmonds, no one had to be rescued or resuscitated. That evening saw the students dance at the disco and play the ‘Clinker Guessing Game’.
Friday was jammed packed and still the students remained true to their word, no sleeping (at least none for the staff that is)! Friday began with a cooked breakfast, cereal and toast in preparation for archery and the flying fox. For some, archery was the preferred sport making Robin Hood proud, while others enjoyed the flying fox and conquering their fear of heights.
Apparently two nights without sleep is not enough. Our Year 7 students pleaded to stay for another night, which is testament to their enjoyment.
A very big thankyou to all the staff who willingly gave of their time to make camp such a success for all involved.
Sharon Wills, ESC Coordinator

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