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Friday, March 28th 2014

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Dual Reporting to Parents - Important Guidelines

It is a fact of modern life that there is an increasing diversity of family structures within which our students live. In terms of communicating with the biological parents of students this fact can sometimes cause significant administrative difficulties surrounding the issuing of formal progress reports and organising interview times on formal parent teacher days. This can also be the case with day to day communication.

Given this, we have developed the following guidelines and ask that they be observed:

1. Formal written reports
These will be issued to both parents upon written request being received

2. Parent teacher interviews on advertised days
- Primary: one appointment with the child’s classroom teacher
- Secondary: one appointment per each of the child’s subject teachers.

Given the tight scheduling of such parent teacher interview days it is not possible for more than one appointment process per child to be implemented. We ask that the biological parents attend together. If this is not possible or desirable we ask that one parent attend and the other parent communicate with the teacher at the teacher’s convenience.

Day to Day Communication
There are situations apart from formal parent teacher interview days and the issuing of formal reports where communication between the College and parents is necessary. This may range from a child feeling sick and needing to be picked up, to concern about academic progress, to behavioural issues. In such instances, it is not reasonable or feasible for the College to communicate with both parents. We ask that one parent be nominated to be the contact person in such situations.

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