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Tuesday, January 28th 2014

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College Grounds

College Grounds

The maintenance and development of the grounds and facilities of our three campuses is a major responsibility which is undertaken by our Grounds and Maintenance Team, headed by Mr Kevin Ryan. The Christmas holiday period is a time when signficant projects are undertaken and completed. I am sure that all would agree that our grounds are beautifully maintained. What may not be so obvious is the extensive amount of repairs and maintenance of facilities that is undertaken during what is for most of us a holiday period. Our Grounds and Maintenance staff worked tirelessly during this time to ensure that the school is in an excellent condition to receive students at the beginning of the new school year. I wish to acknowledge and thank Kevin and his team for their outstanding work.

As reported in the College's 2013 Yearbook, proceeds of the Uniform Shop and second hand book sales enabled the College to purchase a new lawnmower.

Bernie Boss, PRINCIPAL

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