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Thursday, September 1st 2016

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Camara Carnevale

August 29th was the anniversary of the death of Dom Helder Camara in 1999. As patron of Camara guild, he was a wonderful example of social justice and advocate for those most vulnerable in his society.
Last week Camara Guild celebrated their patron’s feast day in a number of ways. There was a daily quiz across the year groups on details of Camara’s life, facts about Brazil and social justice issues. Congratulations to the Year 7's who were the winners, beating Year 11 by one point!
There was also a raffle within the guild to raise funds for Mrs Jenny Lindsay’s Shopfront Chefs who cook meals for the homeless of Perth. A fantastic total of $111.50 was raised from the proceeds of the raffle and the lucky winner was Audrey Romanin in Year 7 who was very excited about her win.
On Thursday we celebrated Mass as a Guild. Some of the students leading the Mass spoke in Portuguese to welcome and farewell those who attended.
Another activity students had the opportunity to participate in was the inaugural “Heldie”, the Dom Helder Camara Portrait Competition. The winning entries were judged by Mr Finneran who complimented the graphic, Brazilian street style of Year 11 Sam Spadek’s entry and the sensitivity and contemplative feel of Year 9 Steph Brush’s portrait. Well done to all those who entered.
Thanks to all students in Camara for their involvement and spirited participation in these activities over the week.
Clare Rose, Camara Guild Coordinator

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