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Thursday, August 10th 2017

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Year 10 and 11 Italian Pizza Night



On Monday 31st July the Year 10 and 11 Italian students were offered the opportunity to go on an excursion to an Italian restaurant in the city and put our language skills into practice. We went to Simple Italian Cucina on Murray Street and were able to spend the night talking to the waiters and each other in Italian.

We all found it really beneficial to be able to make use of the skills we have been acquiring in the last few years, and it was good to have this learning experience outside of a classroom setting. It provided those who will be attending the school trip next year with a small taste of what they are in for and, above all, was a really great night for all of us.

One thing that must be commented on is the exquisite nature of the food, and looking up and down a table of pizzas (savoury and sweet), cannoli, and various other traditional desserts resulted in everyone tasting each other’s dishes and getting a true feel for the Italian cuisine. Any feelings of jealousy for another’s pizza after tasting it generally subsided after having another bite of our own, since each one was as good as the other.

Overall, it was an evening of chatter, laughter, and excellent food, and we are all very grateful to Mrs Sampson and Miss Demma for their hard work in organising such a fun night.


Chloe Meyer Year 11

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