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Friday, August 4th 2017

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Term 3 Week 3: From the Deputy Principal | Learning and Staff Development

Professional Learning
Over the last fortnight, many staff have been involved in significant professional learning opportunities and experiences. From the Marist Schools Association Conference, Catholic Education Western Australia Leaders Forum, Catholic Primary Principals Conference, to developing our Protective Behaviours Curriculum, our staff have been engaged in learning from leading experts, internationally renowned speakers and peer colleagues.

The driving questions presented by keynote speakers challenge us to consider how we can best prepare our students for an unknown world of the future. Insights from Yong Zhao, Dr Simon Breakspear, Catholic Education Western Australia Executive Director, Dr Tim McDonald, and the Federal Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, have been the catalyst for many conversations and reflections and serve to inspire and guide our planning for 2018 and beyond.

Our commitment to developing the capacity and efficiency of each leader and teacher ensures that all staff strive for professional excellence in their work. Across the College, teachers are working in departments and teams to evidence the Annual School Improvement Plan so our strategic intent is known, lived and evaluated. Deprivatising our classrooms, learning walks, collaborative planning and reflection are some ways in which we continue to learn from and work with each other to improve our teaching and, in turn, student outcomes.

Digital Devices and eBooks
From 2018, the College will move to a parent-funded model for the provision of a designated digital device for students in Years 7 and 10.

The parent funded model is designed to help students keep up with the 21st century learning and our Vision for Learning 'Shine through Discovery'. Teaching has shifted to be a learner centred experience and, as such, students use their devices as part of their everyday classroom experience. A preferred device will be named in coming weeks and the College is partnering with providers to ensure packages that include finance and insurance are competitive and offer best value for families.

For students at Marcellin Campus, the College is working closely with OfficeMax to ensure the provision of eBooks is an improved experience for all parents and students. We are committed to ensuring the booklist is clear and concise and accessing eBooks is a seamless process for all the students.

Literacy Support Coordinator
The College has resourced a Literacy Support Coordinator to support staff and students and to develop a PK-12 Literacy Framework. We welcome Mrs Katie Lynch to the role and look forward to collaborating with her as Leaders of Learning work to improve literacy skills. Mrs Lynch will facilitate WACE Wednesday workshops for students in Years 11 and 12 to refine their critical thinking skills, writing and extended responses in preparation for assessment and examination periods.

Code of Conduct
A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code of Conduct is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers. As in previous editions of Newman News, we will continue to outline guidelines for each conduct statement.

Conduct statement 7
You give and seek the best, honest and most accurate information about the education and care of students.


  1. You give and seek accurate advice relevant to the education, safety and wellbeing of students, based on primary rather than secondary sources.
  2. Where the education, safety or wellbeing of a student requires expert knowledge or experience, you seek these out for the benefit of the student.
  3. You seek out first hand sources of information directly from parents, colleagues and experts, or in documents and policies when making decisions or giving advice rather than relying on hearsay, opinion, rumour or assumptions.

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