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Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

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Science Week Highlights and Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out with our activities celebrating National Science Week.

I am pleased to announce the following winners of prizes for their individual effort:

The Great Paper Plane Challenge
Flight Length:
1st Luke Conpitodero Year 7 (21m)
2nd Ty Patterson Year 3 (20.2m)

Flight Length:
1st Jack M

Biggest Bubbles
Equal 1st Matthew Petagra Year 5 Mr Hunt
Equal 1st Jaydon Augustus Year 5 Mrs K
Equal 1st Holly Oliver Green Year 5 Ms Cresp

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Bridges
1st Owen Karamfiles and Luke Prentice 540 mm in height

Cartoon Physics
1st Years 10-12 Ryan Taylor and Lachlan Wilson Year 11 Mr Spriggins
1st Years 7-9 Stella Huggins & Amelia Johns

Kahoots Quiz
1st Cameron MacLaurin, Jackson Kallawk, Josh Downs, Ryan Hoang

Prize winning students for the Great Paper Plane Challenge and Biggest Bubbles competition can collect their prize from Mr Young in the Science office or advise their Science Teacher / Class teacher to help. All other students have already received their prizes.

Brad Young, Head of Science