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Thursday, August 17th 2017

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Literacy Support

Year 12 - WACE Wednesdays
WACE Wednesday workshops commenced well in Week 4. These are targeted literacy skill workshops within ATAR subjects to support student preparation in the lead up to WACE exams. They run during Homework Club, straight after school and are for 45 minutes. To cater for more subjects and workshops, Tuesday afternoon is now also being utilised.

Generally, the ATAR workshops on offer for the week match the designated subject area of Homework Club for that week i.e. next week, Week 6 is English and Learning Support for the Homework Club so there will be targeted workshops for ATAR English courses as well as a general study skills and exam time management workshop available to all students. Also, most Tuesdays, general literacy skill workshops (not subject-specific) will operate in the Homework Club. These are 30 minute sessions, and target improved language use, understanding directive terms and more skills around writing for Year 12 students.

Please encourage your child to check their SEQTA Messages and see the notices for information on workshops each week. Heading into the second half of the term, it would be great to have Year 12 students take advantage of this extra support at this important stage of preparation.

Year 11 - Literacy Support for Senior Students
During Extended PCG in Week 5, Mr Grose, Leader of Wellbeing, invited me to speak with Year 11 students about their studies and to inform them of extra support available. I discussed with Year 11 students the idea that the relationship of their Year 11 studies into Year 12 studies is a “marathon, not a race” - they need to train their literacy skills as they learn the content within a course. Practising paragraphs and essay plans, understanding directive terms in questions and executing extended responses are skills to be trained from now. Certainly this is built into their courses from their teachers and is very much part of the teaching and learning at the College. However I invited Year 11 to look for those extra opportunities to “train” these skills - they were invited to attend any of the current Year 12 workshops; prior to exams next term, we will run Year 11 workshops in Homework Club; and they were encouraged to seek out extra writing opportunities such as practice introductions and paragraphs, unpacking questions and essay plans in their courses. Additionally, they were encouraged to speak with me for further information or guidance.

Please see photographs below of a Kahoot session during Tuesday Homework Club and a Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts Assessment Literacy in-class workshop.

Mrs Katie Lynch
Literacy Support Coordinator (Tuesday & Wednesday)

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