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Friday, August 11th 2017

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Italian Exchange Students Update

From the Italian students on exchange at Newman College - Francesco, Gaia, Giulia e Margherita

The first month of our exchange program is already finished, and we have only 2 weeks left of our 8 week program, and it doesn’t seem real! We can’t imagine our days without coming to Newman College where everyone has been so friendly and welcoming since we first arrived.

In The past two months we have seen so many places both in the city and in the country, especially in the North of WA. We were fascinated by the beauty of the beaches of Shark Bay, the immensity of the sky over Kalbarri and the blue waters of Rottnest island. Perth is magical in the evening with all its lights, especially Elizabeth Quay. However, what we will most remember from this trip beside the beautiful scenery was the way we felt welcomed by our families and Neman College; our school here in Western Australia.

Everyone, our respective host families, students and teachers were extremely friendly and welcoming, everyone was always ready to help us with any difficulty and to help us resolve any problem.

For sure, while on exchange the most demanding challenge for us was to speak in a foreign language - in English. When we first arrived we felt embarrassed to utter even the most simple of words, scared to go wrong, but as soon as the initial embarrassment went away, we started to speak and improve rapidly and realised how important it is to study foreign languages at school, because in the end they help us to learn about new cultures, go to new countries and meet new people. The time spent here in Australia has flown, we no longer want to return to Italy, we wish we could stay here for longer, maybe to experience the beautiful Australian summer but alas we need to go back to our respective school and face a new school year and a new winter!

Finally, our exchange here in Australia has been one of the most beautiful and formative experiences of our lives. We have seen so many new and wonderful places, made many new and invaluable friends, developed strong bonds with the members of our host families, and over the course of the eight week lived a mixture of indescribable emotions which we will keep and guard with jealously in our hearts forever.

Thank you so much to all, to the Principal, to all our teachers and to all students here at Newman, for being so welcoming and making this experience for us, a truly remarkable one. A special thanks goes to our families who have been absolutely lovely, supportive and amazing!

Newman College, THANK YOU and keep in touch!

Francesco (Yr.11), Gaia (Yr.10) , Giulia (Yr.11) e Margherita (Yr.10)

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