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Wednesday, August 30th 2017

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Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival Update and Awards

From 22 - 25 August, Newman College hosted the Concert Band section of the Twenty Eighth Annual Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. Each night, Concert bands and Orchestras from across the city performed adjudicated repertoire as part of the festival. It was a privilege to host this event for the first time in our stunning Auditorium.

Congratulations to our performers and conductors on outstanding performances on Tuesday 22 August; Concert Winds, conducted by Philip Everall, Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Sacha McCulloch, and Symphonic Winds, conducted by Margaret Goldsmith. A big thank you to all staff, students and parents who gave their time to assist in the running of the event during the week.

Chamber OrchestraConcert WindsSymphonic Winds

Thank you also to the following:

  • Adam James – Venue Manager, Technical Manager.
  • Noah Diamond and his backstage crew – Setting up the stage for each item and responding to the needs of performers.
  • Newman College student volunteers – Runners, backstage crew, greeters, FOM assistance.
  • Friends of Music, lead by President Lorraine Vicensoni – Front of house and supper.
  • Ret. Major Ian Milne – Section Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies.
  • Sabrina D’Roza and the Catholic Arts committee – For their support.

Congratulations to all of our talented students have been involved in a wide range of events during the 2017 Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. Below is a list of Award winners to date;

“Peter Pan”, Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund Award for the Drama – Full Length Production section.

Peter Pan - Secondary Drama Production
Jessica Gugliotta - Secondary Solo Works - (Scripted Drama)
James Sharpe - Secondary Solo Works - (Scripted Drama)
Amelie Boddy - Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Rebecca Ricciardo - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Woodwind)
Mark Wilson - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Woodwind)
Eva Hill - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Strings)
Brianna Berti - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Strings)
Rose Troon - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Strings)
Newman College Senior Dance Troupe - Secondary Dance
Newman College Junior Dance Troupe - Secondary Dance
Symphonic Winds - Concert Band

Addison Blizzard - Primary Vocal Solo
Liturgical Team - Christian Dance (Secondary)
Celeste Travaglini - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Percussion)
Henry Farnan - Secondary Solo Works - (Scripted Drama)
Mackensey Cantelo - Secondary Solo Works - (Scripted Drama)
Scarlett Newman - Instrumental Solo (Primary Woodwind)
Alexis Allegret - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Woodwind)
Catherine Whitely - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Woodwind)
Jordan Danas - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Jack Burgess - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Luke Miniello - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Sarah Ranieri - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Luke Ryan - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Maxwell Hinch - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Georgia Snudden - Secondary Vocal Solo
Beth Redwood - Secondary Vocal Solo
Newman College Primary Year 5 Class Choir - Class Choir
Newman College Primary LaValla Campus Choir - Selected Choirs
Concert Winds - Concert Band

Lavalla String Ensemble - Instrumental Ensemble (Strings)
Brass Ensemble - Instrumental Ensemble (Brass)
Senior Percussion Ensemble - Instrumental Ensemble (Percussion)
Tommi & Brady - Contemporary Band
Shadow Play - Contemporary Band
James Wrona - Primary Piano Solo
James Burton - Primary Piano Solo
Jude Tanham - Primary Piano Solo
Olivia Ralls - Primary Piano Solo
Sevy Forte - Primary Piano Solo
Kaitlin Loo - Primary Piano Solo
Ella Nguyen - Primary Piano Solo
Georgie Tomich - Primary Piano Solo
Anastasija Trajcevska - Secondary Solo Works - (Scripted Drama)
Jordan Smith - Instrumental Solo (Primary Woodwind)
Emma Ledger - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Strings)
Emily Burgess - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Peter Loreck - Instrumental Solo (Secondary Brass)
Ruby Capurso & Mackenzie Webb - Instrumental Duet (Secondary Woodwind)
Kyle Peou - Instrumental Solo (Acoustic/Classical Guitar)
Ethan Nguyen & Liam Stannard - Instrumental Duet (Acoustic/Classical Guitar)
Angela Kinneen - Secondary Vocal Solo
Tara D'Cruz - Secondary Vocal Solo
David Dal Busco - Secondary Vocal Solo
Newman Chamber Orchestra - Concert Band/Symphonic Orchestra