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Friday, October 24th 2014

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Anti-Poverty Week 2014

Anti-Poverty Week 2014

During the second week of Term 4, the College acknowledged Anti Poverty Week. This began on Monday with the building of a simple display in the Learning Centre. The week also began and ended with a representative from Shopfront (one of the Agencies in the Archbishop's Lifelink Project) visiting the college to collect food leftover from the Year 11 Survival Camps. This food will go to the poor and homeless of Perth.

On Wednesday a candle lighting ceremony was held in the Marist Court. This gave the students the opportunity to reflect on the information and statistics they were able to read at the ceremony as well as to pray for those living in poverty.
Poverty was a topic presented in Year 9 Religious Education classes this week, as the Year 9 cohort was responsible for the organisation of the Anti-Poverty Week Bake Sale. The Bake Sale, which was held today (Friday, 24 October) allowed the Year 9 students to act in support of those living in poverty, by bringing along cakes, cookies, lollies and packets of chips, to sell.
Students from other years also contributed and we were delighted with the $570 which was raised.
Finally two important projects were launched today to support the charity Vinnies. The Vinnies Clothing and Homewares Project, enables all members of the Newman Community to send along to the college, at any time, their unwanted clothes, blankets and household items from kitchen ware to books. Items can be placed in the Vinnies Boxes, which are located in Student Reception and the S Block. We also launched the Vinnies Food Project, which encourages the students to consider spending some of their own money to bring along non perishable items of food each week, to be used in the Vinnies' Food Parcels. You will hear more about this in the weeks to come.
Thank you to all those who helped to support this week's Anti Porverty activities.
Jenny Lindsay, Social Justice

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