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Wednesday, August 12th 2015

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Angelico Art Exhibition

Last night at the Angelico Art Exhibition, Year 10 student Mary Johnston won the Phil Somers Award for her sculpture 'Love of Work Hands' and Isabelle Ratkovcic, also Year 10, won the second prize in the General Exhibition for her sculpture called 'Must We Be Machines?'. Both Sculptures were inspired by the Theme Love of Work which the College is focussing on this year.

Isabelle's ‘Must we become Machines’ reflects upon the pressures we face to conform in our ever advancing virtual world. She wishes for the viewer to consider the price they pay for technological progression and the ultimate cost faced by humanity.

Mary's ‘Love of Work Hands' work explores the Marist Brothers' principle of 'Love of Work'. St Marcellin Champagnat, who came from a hardworking rural background, gave himself wholeheartedly to every undertaking in life. This work aims to express the value of working hard to achieve your goals and dreams. The Phil Somers trophy was presented to Mary by former Newman staff member Trish Somers (daughter of the well known Perth sculptor Phil Somers).

Congratulations to both Mary and Isabelle and to the Art Teacher, Emily Mabee for the wonderful work she does with the students. Art from many of the Catholic Colleges across the state will be on display at the Forrest Centre on St George's Terrace for the next two weeks. The standard of Art is incredible and well worth a visit to the City.

Jocelyn Hansen, Acting Principal

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