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More About Early Childhood Education

IMG 9879Children commencing their educational journey are typically in the exploratory and investigative phases of development. Research clearly indicates the value of offering a play based educational program in the early years. It is through play that children develop their social and problem solving skills and have the opportunity to use their creativity to enhance and develop a love of learning. It is through their learning experiences that children move towards becoming self-motivated, independent learners.

Newman College ensures that staff members keep abreast of the most recent developments in Early Childhood Education theory and practice in order to support the learning of our children and to build and provide interesting and stimulating learning environments and opportunities for them.




Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

IMG 3446Children are learning to be members of a class and College community. They have the opportunity to develop friendships with their peers and relationships with their teachers. They learn to be successful in the school environment through a very positive, supportive approach adopted at the College, which reflects our Marist values.

The partnership between the College and the parents is highly valued as it is through a combined, consistent approach that the children receive the benefits of a holistic education.

A School Psychologist and a Social Worker are available to support children, teachers and families.

Co Curricular

Co Curricular

IMG 7045All children participate in the Classroom Music Program.  When developmentally ready they will have the opportunity to participate in the Instrumental Tutorial Program, if parents so wish. Through this program the children have the opportunity to learn to play a variety of musical instruments. As they develop confidence and competence, they have opportunities to participate in ensembles in later years. The Administrative Assistant, K-12, can be contacted on 9204 9485 for more information. 

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