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Our Marist Tradition

The Marist tradition of education has evolved over 200 years and forms the basis of Marist schools which operate in 75 countries around the globe.

From the principle "to bring up children properly, we must love them, and love them all equally" flows the particular characteristics of the Marist style of educating: presence, simplicity, family spirit, love of work, and following the way of Mary.  It is their sum and their interaction which gives the Marist style its Spirit-inspired originality.

our marist tradition


The approach at Newman College is to educate by being present to young people in ways that show all students are cared for personally.

Relationships built on care, trust and respect foster a positive environment for the development within students of a commitment to live out Christian values within their lives.

Teachers make time to get to know their students and their presence to them extends beyond the classroom in a multitude of activities and experiences. In this way relationships of openness and trust are established and developed.

Within such an environment students receive the social and emotional support they require to continue to grow into the fullness of their humanity as desired for them by Jesus Christ. "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full" John, 10:10


In a Marist school, Simplicity is expressed primarily through interaction with young people that is genuine, transparent and undertaken without pretence or dishonesty.

Newman College recognises that while education is about literacy and numeracy, it is also about teaching young people to be sincere and to maintain their integrity in all that they do.

Classroom activities focus on the individual as well as the group. The way of educating is personal, practical and based on real life examples and experiences.

Students are encouraged to retain a sense of humility and modesty in all that they do, to accept success with dignity and to learn and grow from their mistakes.

Newman College believes that encouraging students to be open, truthful and to have the strength of their convictions will assist them to develop into individuals who value themselves and others.

Through the practice of Simplicity, our students achieve an integrated, balanced and loving approach to life.

Family Spirit

Newman College is a school community built on the relationships and principles of a loving Christian family. This means the needs of each student are addressed in a spirit of partnership, shared responsibility and mutual support.

There is a sense of life being shared across the school community, with successes and limitations being readily acknowledged. There is a commitment to the development of the ideals of mutual trust, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The College Family Spirit respects the dignity and recognises the needs of the young people who attend the school, particularly those who are most vulnerable. Where special needs of any type are identified, these become a particular focus of care and concern.

Newman College reinforces the values children learn from their loving families – values we believe are an essential part of Christian education and of every child's healthy development.

Love of Work

The Marist Brothers follow the example of their Founder, St Marcellin Champagnat, who came from a hardworking rural background. He gave himself wholeheartedly to every undertaking whether it was personal studies, building houses and schools, visiting established schools, training and forming the Brothers or communicating with church and government authorities.

Newman College approaches the concept of Love of Work in a similar way. Students and staff are encouraged to set high standards and apply themselves in the pursuit of excellence commensurate with their ability.

Through Love of Work, students develop strength of character and solid values on which to base their lives. They are also guided in discovering the dignity of work and the satisfaction that comes from achievements reached through genuine effort.

In the Pre-Kindergarten - Year 12 teaching environment, Love of Work means many things – but essentially to give of one's best effort to any task which is undertaken.

For Newman College's staff, Love of Work ensures they strive to be innovative, flexible and creative when responding to the needs of students and the wider College Community, thus assisting them to reach their God-given potential. 

Way of Mary

St Marcellin had a profound confidence in Mary, the Mother of Jesus, entrusting all his projects to her and looking to her for guidance and support.

The Newman College Community endeavours to imitate Mary's tenderness and concern for others, particularly the manner in which she lived out her faith with courage in the face of great pain and adversity.

With Mary as the model, the spiritual life of the students is developed through, and finds expression in, their daily school lives. The school day commences with prayer, and liturgies of various types are a natural part of the flow of life within the school.

Students are encouraged to reflect upon local, national and world events and other issues from the perspective of Gospel values, social justice and the God given dignity of human beings.

Such reflection leads to a deepening of the spiritual dimension of students' lives and is reflected in their personal relationships, their commitment to the support of fundraising drives for appropriate causes, involvement in community service activities, mission immersion experiences as well as deep involvement in the Marist Christian Leadership program called REMAR.




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